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6 innovations to boost your email marketing

Email has a hell of a lot to offer these days. Delivering average ROIs of £40 for every £1 spent (we’ve even pushed that to £114 for one of our retail clients), it wipes the floor with every other method of communication.

Experian tells us that personalisation can increase open rates by 26%, A/B testing can boost conversion by 49%, and responsive design can stop 80% of people deleting your emails. But these are features that go without saying now. To really cut through the inboxes of the 2.42 billion people using email every day, you need to get inventive.

How to beat your competitors with email innovations

Email Carousels

Designers have been adding fancy rotating sections to websites for a while now, but in email it’s a rarity that can seriously improve engagement.

Not only do carousels look impressive, they allow you to fit more content into a small space. And seeing as the brain’s capacity for processing images is 60,000 times faster than for reading text, it means you can make much better use of our ever-shorter attention spans.

Here’s an example from B&Q:

Real-time content

Opening an email that’s personalised with your name is now expected. But imagine opening one that knows what the weather’s doing in your city, or how your football team’s doing in the game you’re watching.

By showing dynamic live content that’s pulled in from third parties - like data based on time, location, stock availability or anything else - you can really grab someone’s attention.

Here’s a pair of weather-dependent emails from Nordstrom:

Editorial Content

You shouldn’t just bombard people with hard-selling direct mail. To give them something they actually want to read, you need to add value with inspirational or educational content.

If your brand has a blog, add a snippet to your email. Or come up with some advice about how to be wear the latest fashion trend or how to get the most out of your holiday. You can (and should) always add in your own products afterwards, but your email will seem helpful rather than just hungry.

Reiss have got the idea:

Social integration

Your marketing channels shouldn’t be self-governed islands. If they’re working together as a republic, their effectiveness will be multiplied.

You could encourage customers to upload photos with a hashtag and then feature these images in your emails. Or if you use social media advertising, why not link your emails to your posts? The possibilities are endless!

Take a leaf from River Island’s book:

Custom audiences

Intelligent audience segmentation can grow your revenue by a whopping 760%! But it takes more than simply splitting people into gender groups.

Target people based on their interests and behaviour. If they haven’t spent money with you in a long time, treat them differently to your most engaged customers. If they’re a cardholder, design them a separate email altogether that makes them feel special.

And for an even more pin-point idea of what gets them going, link your email database to your Twitter or Facebook fans.


This year, emails opened on mobile overtook desktop for the first time - it’s the number one activity on smartphones. So considering a mobile almost always has its GPS turned on, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it.

By including sections that respond to a user’s location, you can increase CTRs by 66%. And if you tie in Google’s Local Inventory offerings, you’re looking at 122% more in-store visits.

Here’s how Nectar Rewards are using geo-targeting:

One last stat before you explode

95% of online consumers use email. So you can reach almost everyone who’s looking to spend with this single, superpowered method of communication.

To make sure you’re taking advantage of it properly, talk to the email optimisation experts. We’ll help you find the best tactic for increasing your ROIs with innovative email marketing. Can you afford to ignore it? Probably not.

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