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Debenhams' email marketing: A Christmas to remember

How do you give a UK top 20 retailer its best Christmas sales ever?

Debenhams have “enjoyed a record Christmas trading period including [their] best ever December and Christmas week,” according to Chief Executive, Michael Sharp. Their secret weapon: email marketing created by STEEL.

Selling over 8,000 lightsabers, 99,000 pairs of novelty socks and 2,000,000 Christmas crackers, the high street giant has had quite a year. Online sales during Christmas week were up 36% on last year. And with 220 orders placed every minute, Black Friday sales were up by 20%. (That’s 950% higher than a normal day).

The power of effective email

To achieve such online success, Debenhams drove sales using an email effectiveness approach we’ve perfected together over 19 years. Through multivariate tests, innovative new techniques and ongoing optimisations, we’ve got it down to a T.

We treat customers as individuals, delivering personalised content relevant to the value and nature of their previous purchases, their position in the customer life cycle and various other factors.

We optimise the time of send, and design for every device. (48% of Debenhams’ Christmas orders were made on mobile or tablet devices, which require different user experience designs to desktops.)

We employ a whole host of industry secrets and innovations that we only share with our clients. You can learn about the thought processes behind them in our free retail email marketing report.

Success that's not just for Christmas

Combined, our email effectiveness strategies helped create outstanding returns on investment this Christmas. And why stop there? We’re now helping Debenhams keep the sales flowing through highly-targeted post-Christmas follow-up emails, which thank customers for shopping and suggest what they might like next. How’s that for a gift that keeps on giving?

If you’d like to find out more about what we did for Debenhams and how we could help you, call Andy for a chat on 0208 871 2656 or drop us an email.